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Geography Dissertation

Help Me On My Geography Dissertation

Explaining to someone who is not a geography student, how difficult and challenging it is to prepare a geography thesis proposal is, perhaps, more difficult than writing the geography dissertation topics itself. As a earth science student, you appreciate the little aspects of this world. What you don’t appreciate, however, is the hectic process of geography thesis writing. Nonetheless, just like any other thesis, the ‘side-effects’ include sleepless nights, overdosing on coffee and baggy eyes.

The first challenge is selecting a topic for your geography dissertation assignment, for the subject is incredibly vast. Then comes gathering all the technical data from credible sources, followed by strategically discussing it in your paper. Finally, you have to give a proper structure to your earth science thesis. Sounds quite simple, but it’s really just like riding a bicycle through a park. Except, the bike is on fire, the park is on fire and you are on fire as well.

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